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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The science behind love ...

I thought you might like this blog. Unfortunately, like many of you, I dunno the answer either. One of my friend whose initial R recently mentioned in her wall in Facebook , “what is to fear about falling in love as love is very reason we live.” My respond to her was “Falling in love is inevitable, so no one could help it. The question is how does one NOT fear of losing their love one ... When we discover that we are no longer in love or our love is not meant to be. According to Scientists, the pain in the heart is so true that one could actually feel it.”

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Let’s pause our journeys and take a closer look at what Scientists have to say about ‘love.’ They claimed that being in love is the most illogical behavior and our brains are in unconscious state. In fact they stated that, the state of being in love shares the same state as “obsession, mania, intoxication, thirst, and hunger,” according to Louann Brizendine, M.D., authored of, The Female Brain

She further revealed in the book, "our brain circuits that are set off when we are in love match those of the drug addict desperately craving the next fix." This explains why people who are in love can’t stay away from each other. In fact, they can't get enough of each other. If they are apart, they are hungry and longing for the loved one. If you think this is only psychological effect, think again. According to Scientist, our brain is actually in the “drug-withdraw” state.  We feel it physically. How do we replenish this? Caress, and Hugging were some of the mentioned ways. Luckily, this state of love only lasts between 6-8 months.

Now what, after the feeling of being on top of the world is subsided? Scientists said not to worry, 'cause we are indeed moving to the state of long term relationship, more stable that is. .As we are getting more comfortable with our loved one, things are not so excited but still fascinating. What do you do if you are craving for the excitement again? Well ... be creative and I am sure the solution will revealed itself :-)

Another thing worth noting is when things go south, when we think the other party is no longer responsive. Our worry, critical thinking logic kicked in and started to generate negative thoughts. Thought of losing the loved ones started to kick in. Was the other party hurt, did the other party have a change of heart? Our brains hungrily seeking for the loved one, as Dr. Brizendine described in her book, The Female Brain, “Withdraw – as weaning from drugs – takes over.” Luckily, this could also serve as a spark for love birds to get even more intimate.

Now that we know the science behind love, does it make us understand more about love? I doubt it, but nevertheless, it is inevitable so why not embrace it. Luckily, most of us don’t have to worry about this anymore. But, our next generation is yet to discover the mysterious of love, the painful of love, the magical of love, and the ecstasy of being love. Perhaps quest for the forbidden love ... Better not!

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