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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Look at me, please!

One grandfather, who has been cooking for his family for years, couldn't help it but asked his grandsons whether they like his cooking or not. A rabbit mom told her young that she loves her all the way to the moon! Ever wonder why ...

Someone once mentioned to me that everyone wants to be acknowledged. Each person wants to know 'how much he/she worth," to you.

We often forget to acknowledge others and only focusing on ourselves or perhaps declining to state the obvious. Unfortunately, we, humans, often take the obvious for granted. What I found intriguing is, in return, we seek for others to say, "Yeah, I hear you," "I know what you mean," better yet, "you look great!"  Sometimes, when we converse in conversations, we find ourselves noting our audiences' eyes and body language, making sure they are with us. Exactly what are we looking for? Precisely! Acknowledgement!

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In fact, those little humans that we find at our home need our acknowledgment the most! Regardless of age, we thrive for acknowledgment and it makes us feel good!.
Acknowledgement is like a little 'pat in our shoulder," like giving our stamp of approval, like a little boost of confidence and much more. Sprinkle it with some fact that we pick up about them and the result could be fascinating.

Let's take a moment in our life to acknowledge others by letting them know how much you love them, how much they meant to you and better yet, give them the praise they deserved! 
Speaking of which, I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for being my loyal readers. You can't imagine what it means to me.

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