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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Faith ...

During uncertainty we often have the tendency of losing our faiths. Is it because we are lacking the faith to begin with or we simply don’t have one to begin with. I dunno, but I do know one thing: without faith, we are circling our thoughts to endless worrisome.

We, as parents, worry about everything when come to our children. We worry if they don’t do well in school, we worry when they are sick, we worry when they have something in their minds, we worry when they are sad, we worry when they are somewhere away from us and we never stop worrying about them regardless of their age.

We live in this era where every corner we turn to have very disturbance news about everything that you could name. Leaving us, no choice but constantly worrying about our children’s whereabouts and well being.  Some of us go as far as losing our sleep or having sleep apnea.

One day, when I exchanged words with my younger brother and he happened to mention that we, human, should leave the unknown to the hands of God or simply have faith. There is no point for us to constantly worry about something that is uncertain, something that is not within our control, and something that is unknown. Simply leave them in the capable hands would suffice and lessen our burden.

Someone mentioned to me in the past that he should have faith in order to be able to trust someone. But, he had hard times to do so simply he doesn’t know how. I didn’t know what to suggest to him. To me, faith comes naturally, but still in some cases, I simply couldn’t let go of my worries in the name of the faith. I just kept them in my heart until it daunts on me what my younger brother has said.

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Often times, when others people are no longer reliable or appear not to, we inevitably lose our faiths on them. It is quite distressing; we simply lose our trust and feel like we are no longer able to trust that person anymore.

Hope this blog would inspire for those of us who have strong faiths to reach out our hands to people who need us. And perhaps the rest of us who need to strengthen our faiths would find ways to do so. Only that way our minds would be at ease and we may perhaps enjoy our journeys with our next generation instead of worrying about them.

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