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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Change that I have in mind just doesn't coincide with the hair dresser's

Thriving for a change lately, I convinced myself to buy a groupon for a salon in nearby town. I mustered up the courage to call for an appointment. After some time, I arrived at the salon at a time very close to the appointment time and told the hair-dresser, whom I just met for the very first time, that I wanted a change. Permed hair was what I had in mind.She hesitated, at first, since my hair is very fine and it may appear "frizzled". However, I reassured her that it would be just fine and that my hair will look fuller! I imagined what I would look like and nodded in contentment. So, she went on and trimmed my hair a bit and washed it . Then she started to roll up my hair. I felt both a rush of excitement and a trickle of anxiety. Soon, every inch of my head became filled with the rollers." Looks good so far," I said to myself. Then the clock was ticking and she poured the chemical that would do the magic and made my hair curly. The waiting time, which seemed forever, has ended.

And finally the moment of the truth! It was fine until I pictured myself in front of the mirror. Oh .. my gosh! It is frizzle, all right! I hated it! The poor hair-dresser washed my hair and told me to wash it out for the next two weeks. She gave me her cell phone and asking me to give her a buzz after 2 weeks and tell her how it goes!

When I arrived at home, my hubby said "Wow!" The kids went "Mom, you look horrible!" Yeah .. Thanks but no thanks! Did I mention $130 (even with groupon!)
A month has gone by and I still hated it. My nick name @home nowadays is 'Ms. Frizzle" Go figure!

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