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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A little bit of encouragement can go a long way!

I recently joined this Team Fitness in a nearby town. At first I was hesitant because it is on Saturdays @ 7:00 am, but I went anyway. To my amazement, I was joyously welcomed to be part of the team. Each team member, including the coach, was very friendly and helpful. They took me in to be part of their circle, which has long been established. Some of team members were there for 10 plus years. In fact, one of the members was celebrating his 14-year anniversary that very day. To commemorate that, he was given a brand-new t-shirt that was blessed with sweat from each of the member. (I couldn’t bring myself to do that, as I find it a little bit out of my style.)

I couldn’t describe how I felt in words. It was like a little bit of overwhelming (because it was beyond my expectation,) a whole lot of elation (because I felt like I was part of the team already,) and most of all, I felt excited and motivated. That tiny, kind gesture from each of the team members has turned my hesitation into motivation. I am really looking forward for the next class.

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A friend of mine, whose nickname is Coco, once described to me her experience when we first worked together. She described herself as a shy individual, but yet she felt very comfortable and welcomed when she first joined our team. She said it was me who made the difference and took her in to be part of the circle. Wow! Really!. But still, I didn’t quite understand how she felt until I experienced it myself.

I didn’t realize how powerful a little bit of encouragement could be! It comprises of sincere and warm gestures. In return it gives out a warm, fuzzy feeling that leads to motivation.  I hope that we would find time within our busy schedule to encourage new comers in to our circle, encouraging our children in every way we could. A little bit of encouragement could make a different in someone's life.Let's take another step toward our journey of life and witness how every bit of encouragement that we give out can go a long way!

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