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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Who says I am a typical mom!

Today, my girl told me that there is this dance event in her school. She said she is not going and would rather stay home watching kung-fu episodes with us. Most moms would have been happy to know that their girls are not party type. Yes. I am!. But, I was once a high-school-er too. I want her to have a memorable high school. I don't want her to remember high school as a place where she did nothing but study. I want her to remember all of the fun stuff that she did with her friends. Dance is an important part of the high school life.I want her to explore beyond books! Imagine this, in some distant future, she would spend (even some hold true today) most of her time either studying or working and taking care of others. I want her to look back in her life and feel content. That itself is a gift that she could treasure for life!

My girls often said "Mom, you are not a typical mom!" How come you don't care if I get a bad grade or this and that! Of course, I care, I told them but that is not just it! (Luckily, they are top performers :-)) Seriously, I care most about their efforts! I often told the girls, please don't just study for the test, but study because you thrive for the knowledge. Once you have mastered that, the grade would come with it. The most important thing to me is for my girls to try their best and learn from the mistakes.

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My girl, nickname 'pepper,' also mentioned to me that she has an unreasonable literature teacher. She said that her teacher said if they meet all of the requirements then they will get a 'B' from her class but if they impress her then they would deserve an 'A.' Pepper said she despised her lit teacher. I told her, You know, she is one of the best teachers that you have so far. True! She may get a 'B,' but what this teacher teaches her beyond what the textbook could offer, think outside the box! And that to me, worth more than an 'A.'.
Yes. I am not a typical mom, because I look beyond the grades. I look for perseverance, persistence and for them to challenge themselves. On top of them be content with their life! Maybe what Steve Jobs said " Be Hungry and Be Foolish!" is what I am searching for in my kids' souls.Hope you would find this writing inspiring for your own journey as I am making another step toward mine.

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  1. Hey, your girl is fine. She probably has other things on her mind than go to the dances. High school is not like how it used to be for people of the previous generation. Studying long into the night is often inevitable, so at times us students may want to stay home and have a break from all aspects of school, including dances.

  2. 難道你不要你女兒專心補習,沒有望女成鳳的想法嗎?

  3. I think I have a pretty good ideas on who two are! :-)