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Monday, April 30, 2012

Believe It or Not …

I recalled it was in the winter and my father had just passed away. It was kind of a hazy morning. As usual I was running late that morning. Someone was with me but somehow I couldn’t seem to visualize her face clearly. And she was waiting for me as we were supposed to catch a bus to take us somewhere. Somewhere that was promised by this old man. As we were running to the bus stop, the bus just left without us.

All of the sudden, I was awoken. Oh my gosh, what has just happened … I thought to myself. Apparently it was just a dream. I dreamt about a very peculiar old man asking me if I wanted to meet my father. I nodded in contentment ‘cause he left us to another world but I never got to see him go. I didn’t know what this meant, but I was wide awake. I supposed it was just a dream after all.

That morning, after I've gotten ready, I arrived at our small kitchen in our apartment where my roommate and I shared. I started to cook something. I think it was an omelet or some sort. I wasn’t quite myself after that weird dream. All of the sudden, instead of pouring the oil out, I put the hot pan into the water with the hot oil. And fire alighted from the hot pan. My roommate saw the pan was in blazing fire and before I could process everything. She shouted, “Angela. Run!”

Guess what I did?! I ran alright. I did run for my life but I carried the hot pan that was on fire with me. Now thinking back it must have been a very funny scene, but it wasn’t. It was such a chaotic experience. And the worst of all… the whole ceiling was filled with blackened smoke. And I still don’t get how the whole apartment wasn’t on fire.

According to the somewhat ‘Believe It or Not,’ explanation, the old man in the dream was supposed to take me with him to meet my dad. I was supposed to be in the bus that would carry the living to the land of the death. Do you think if I was not late and left with the bus, the apartment would have caught on fire? And the girl on the dream, was she my ex-roommate? Do you think that I may not be here talking to you now if everything were to happen? The mystery remains. Believe or Not!

Hope you enjoy this journey with me revisiting my unusual experience and my odd dream. It is up to you to believe or not ...but the mystery remains.

Have you encountered any mystery in your life that you can't explain?

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  1. I have encountered many things that I can't explain. I lost my dad when I was 14. Many times when I needed help / guidence strange things happened which I really feel were signs from him. I also believe our dreams have meanings / give us clues for the future. The day before my dad had his stroke, I had a dream that he was going to die unless we came up with a plan to save him... I woke up before we could plan.... that dream has haunted me for years...

    1. I am so sorry that you lost your father that young. I lost mine when I turned 19. Yes, I can resonate with you about signs/guidance that somehow were just there in time to help me. I guess they are watching over us from their world.

      Oh ... Hilary, please don't let it haunt you. Because thing happened for a reason, even though we may not understand.