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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Journey into the Capri island

"Caesar Augustus was the first to discover the charm of Capri when he visited the island in 29 BC. So taken was he with the island's beauty that he traded the nearby fertile Ischia for it with the city of Naples." --Cited from

As we followed his footsteps, we found ourselves in Naples. The hotel that we stayed on is located across from the train station. It seemed so close but in fact, it was quite a walk, but somehow we managed just fine. After we checked in, we called taxi and took us to the port where we could catch a ferry to the Capri island. 

As we arrived, my jaw was dropped. Somehow my little mind has decided, "You may have the universe if I may have Italy." --Giuseppe Verdi

Tho our minds were full, our little tummies were calling us wildly. So, we had quick bites before we caught a boat ride to see the Faragloni Rocks.--The Faraglioni are three blocks of rock which have survived coastal landslides, erosion by the sea and all manner of atmospheric corrosion.  As we reached the pier for a boat ride, there was a surge of excitement, feeling like the butterflies in our tummies :-), but the wind decided to play a joke on us, not a very funny one tho. Sadly, we had to say bye bye to the Blue Grotto. I felt so bump. Blue Grotto is THE place to be. 

Blue Grotto- Courtesy of
Even though, our hearts wanting so much, our longing eyes can only travel this far ... 

As we disembarked from our boat ride, we rode on Funicular to Capri town, situated on a verdant little plateau - like a saddle - high above the sea. There are no seats but it has about 6 'cars,' and each car can hold up to 6-8 normal sized adults comfortably. And when we arrived, we were awestruck.

No wonder William Somerset Maugham chose Capri Island to be his setting for his The Lotus Eater, "a short story in which the Bostonian protagonist arrives in Capri on holiday, wherein he is so enchanted by the place that he abandons his job and decides to spend the rest of his life in leisure on the island."--Cited from

Now you know why ...
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  1. We've never been, but have heard that Capri is a great place to visit.

    It's so fantastic, it is mentioned specifically in the musical play "My Fair Lady." (in the song "Wouldn't it Be Loverly," sung by Eliza Doolittle.

    1. Yes. Indeed and while you are there, you can visit the Pompeii, the town that has been buried for ages. --Our little nephew would be excited!
      I have never watched "My Fair Lady," Have you?

  2. What a neat place! Love your writing and images! A very interesting and awe inspiring post - thanks!

    1. Thank you Ann. I love to you see you around here.