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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cancer survivors urged to eat better, exercise

According to the article title, Cancer survivors urged to eat better, exercise, written by The Associated Press, “A cancer diagnosis often inspires people to exercise and eat healthier. Now the experts say there's strong evidence that both habits may help prevent the disease from coming back.”  In fact American Cancer Society has issued an urge asking doctor to advice their patients to do so.

Some of the patients that are on the heavy side are being urged to slim down by eating healthier and exercise regularly.  It is also noted that being overweight has been linked to have an increase chances of having “several types of cancer, including cancers of the colon, esophagus, kidney, pancreas and — in postmenopausal women — breast.”

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Although the study is not conclusive that eat better and exercise can prevent getting cancer or in some cases prevent the comeback. ‘"We've got enough data now to make these recommendations," said Colleen Doyle, the organization's director of nutrition and physical activity.’

The article also indicated that “At least two other medical groups have strongly recommended exercise and healthier eating for cancer survivors, but the cancer society's new guidelines are expected to have much greater impact. It's the nation's largest cancer charity in both donations and the number of volunteers, and it funds more cancer research than any other non-governmental agency.”

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Regardless whether the very reason we eat better and exercise is for cancer prevention or avoiding the comeback or not, it is a good habit to have. It would brighten our moods and lighten our weights on our shoulders. So, Why NOT!

Hope you enjoy this journey of visiting cancer prevention so we could live healthier life. I hope this article would inspire all of us to take better care of ourselves by eating better and exercise. Do it for us. Do it for our loved ones! The question is, "Are you in?"

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