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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ladies, what do you have in your purse?

My younger sister couldn’t stand it whenever she looked at my bag. I am always a fan of bigger hand bag. My argument? I can carry a lot of stuff. Why not! If I could fit in a cow. I would. Okay not quite!
I can’t seem to recall when I started to need a purse. And by the time I have realized it, it was this big purse.

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My sister, on the other hand, always have one of those smaller hand bag that looks so cute. But, yet the bag is big enough for her stuff. --Similar size to the following image

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One day, my daughter, Pepper, picked up my bag and said, “Mom, your bag is so heavy!” I know. I know.. I probably had a lot of stuff there that I didn't need. So, I decided to clean it up and to my surprise, I still need most of them. Then I decided to weigh it … FIVE lb! OMG. No wonder!

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Here is the stuff I have (after I have reduced to bare minimum)
  1. wallet (with all the necessary cards, coins) 
  2. additional cards (library, gift card, etc)
  3. Sunglasses in its heavy hard case
  4. pen
  5. hand sanitizer
  6. tissues
  7. Checkbook
  8. Makeup case
  9. tic-tac
  10. iPhone
  11. notepad (small)
  12. car key (when I am out and about)
  13. ibuprofen (couple of them)

I once saw a woman pulled out an umbrella from her purse. –I guess what  Benjamin Franklin  once said still stands true, “Light Gains heavy Purses.”

Another thing I just don't get it, how come men can get away with those tiny wallets?

What do you have in your purse, ladies? or What do your lady have in her purse?

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