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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Secret revealed …

Finally the secret was revealed ...Why Adele's songs were that sorrowful. Adele admitted that the whole Album 21 was created from her broken heart with her ex and  “In fact, the singer vows to "never" write a breakup record again and adds she's "done being a bitter witch." –cited from

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This morning when I was driving in to attend a training for work. The station that I tuned in mentioned that Adele’s secret ex was her ex-photographer. And they always did things together and were very close. But the guy never wanted to be labeled as her ‘boy-friend.’
The male radio’s newscaster asked the female newscaster, “Why is it that women would want to stick around even when the guy didn't want to be labeled?”
The female said, “Because when we think if there is a hope, we would want to hold on to it and try to work it out.”
The male said, “But, he didn't want to be labeled. Didn't this mean something?”
The female said, “He sent mixed signal. His actions spoke differently than his words.”

Interesting. Sometimes some of us, females, are a bit emotional or perhaps it is just the way our brains work when we are in-love. We tend to carry certain hopes, even when we know that our 'love' lines are not clear. Perhaps we have selective hearings. We see the actions indicating love in the air even though there are no affirming words accompanying.  We still carry our expectations–anticipating things would go with what we have in mind. Instead, we find ourselves shattered in between false hopes and uncertainty.

In any case, I am very happy for Adele to finally able to walk away from her misery and come out pretty good with six Grammy awards. Simply awesome!

I hope you enjoy this journey with me visiting Adele and her secret. Before you go, I do have one question for you … Knowing how you are wired. What would you do? Would you wait around hoping for the best or would you turn around and say, “Thank you for everything!” Then pack your bags and never look back? 
Note: There is no right or wrong answer as you know. Either case, you will be left with broken heart but still ... lingering around or walk away.

Here is something to ease your long week!

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  1. Whew... married 23 years, 11 months, in the relationship 27.5 years.

    Lots and lots to the story, but I blew it all up as I (ex/im)ploded, and in the process did a lot of damage.

    In my 57 years, I've never heard anyone quite like Adele. In writing, the best stuff comes from where it all hurts, where there are trauma and scars. The result of her angst produced the defining musical compilation of this century to date.

    I can totally understand why she'd never wish to go there again.

    1. First of, thank you for your visit and letting me how you are feeling currently. I hear you ... I hear you ... I hope somehow, someway things will work out in your favor.

      And yes, she is definitely one of a kind. Simply fascinating.