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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Meet our furry animal …

On February 5th 2007, we went to the airport to greet our little fella. He came in a cage and was shipped from another state. He came from far away to be with us. It all started with a simple promise to Pepper when she was four years old. She told us she wanted a dog and I casually mentioned, "Let’s wait until you are 10 years old." Little did we knew … she came back to claim it and here he was her 10th year old birthday present all the way from Arizona. That poor fella was crying for nights as probably missing his mommy. I couldn’t imagine parting with my girls at that young age. He was only few months old

Now at the age of five, this guy has his personality. Do you believe that dogs' personalities were defined based on the environment they grew up? Well I do!
Each time when I came home and hugged my girls. He would whimper on the side as he wanted to be hugged as well. He would sit down waiting for his turn to be pet. Isn’t he adorable? if time passed and he didn’t get his turn yet, he would whimper again as of reminding me that he was waiting.

The most funny thing that I noticed about our ‘doogy,’ as the girl may say, is he likes to sit down. I means he would sit on the sofa watching TV with us or he would sit on the bed with the girls. (I mean literally sitting down.) –That was just too funny sight to pass. Perhaps he thinks he is the girls' friend, a little human.
But, among all, that he often cracked people up was his action when we took him to the beach. I believe it was part of the habit he picked up when he was little as the girls would play on the sand. Check this out!

Isn't he amazing? 

Then he would place his chin on the sand and get ready to pose. Oh … I must tell you, he loves posing for pictures. He is so used to us taking pictures of him and he kind of enjoys it. Do you think he knows that he has a cute face? I think he does! Sometimes when we are busy, he would place his chin on our laps until we couldn’t resist but to pet him. Meet our little furry animal who loves playing with stuffed animals as my girls do! –Their personalities have a lot of to do with the family they grow up with.Yes?

Tell me about your furry animal(s) and their cuteness!

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  1. Hi Angela! What a cutie! I so believe pets personalities are based on their environment. I was always a dog girl, but when I met my now husband, I was shocked he had a cat - because me & cats didn't mix... I came to love Alex the cat more than I thought imaginable. I have known him 11 of his 17 years. When Marc first got him, he was rescued from a shelter. There is not doubt in our minds he was abused. He was so afraid of people and would always hide when someone came over. it took years for him to accept me. But over the past few years I think he realized that he was finally safe, that he could trust me and Marc and we would never let anyone hurt him. His whole personality changed and now he is super friently - it is amazing. Last year he had to have his tail amputated due to cancer. We were afraid that we would lose the headway we made with him, but we were wrong. He is happier and more affectionate than ever. I actually posted a short video of his stump wiggling this weekend

    1. I saw Alex. He is so cuddly! My younger girl would love him. She is a cat person. All of her writings are mostly about cats.
      I think Alex is such a lucky cat the minute he met you both. There is no doubt that both of your love have changed him and now is such a happy camper.
      BTW., I love seeing you here, Hilary. Take care

  2. He is so cuuuute!! And yes I do believe that a pets personality based on their environment. My dog would sit by my bed all day he knew I was sick and his eyes would look so sad, and when I was angry he would have that same reaction. I Just noticed something about my cat as she got older. when she's irritable one of eyes become deaden
    I noticed it one day and I said she looks angry and when i tried to pet her she made it clear she didn't want to be bothered, she tried to scratch me. I didn't your know your pets get moody sometimes. They definitately have a

    1. For the most my cat is friendly I wanted to add that. I think she gets lonely sometimes because she doesn't have a mate. Just like us humans we all need a companion.

    2. OH ... that is so sweet. Wait by your bed when you are sick. I love it.
      Before having our dog, Leland aka Fluffy. I didn't know that they can get lonely. Yes. they are indeed have a lot of similarities with us, human.

  3. I thought he might be digging to China, but he's doing what my dog does, too! Molly likes to dig a big cool hole for herself wherever she is staying (for more than 5 minutes) and then plops down in it so that all you can see is her big funny head.

    1. :-) Molly is so cute! I must see her pic. I was thinking if both Leland and Molly would get together and starting digging ... OMG... it would be quite a scene! :-)