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Sunday, April 15, 2012

He Wants to Retire…but She Doesn't

“Let's say you have managed to stay married—or even remarried—by the time you hit middle age. Get ready for one more marital hurdle. The odds are your spouse won't feel the same way you do about when to retire. A recent study by Fidelity Investments found that well over half of couples—62%—disagree on the timing of their respective retirements.” –cited from

Interesting! I know that my hubby wants to retire early. Once the girls are done with college, he wants to retire from working in the computer field. He wants to do something he likes; he wants to teach instead. For me, I never thought about retirement, just yet. I love working though once the girls are done with college. I suppose I could take my career a little lighter. I can do whatever what I want. But, still I would miss the income.

courtesy of Lou Brooks
That is exactly what article is saying. Some women couldn’t let their husbands retire before their kids’ colleges are paid off. Another case, for staying home wives, the wives worry that when their husbands retire, they would sit around and interfere with their own activities. The wives love their own space.
Some women couldn’t wait for their spouses to join them and share their times together. Growing old together! But their spouses are not ready just yet.  Still can’t leave the workforce world.
Another thing to think about, now that both are staying home, dividing the chores could be another topic to discuss.--What's for dinner, honey? (The question is which honey :-) )

Those are interesting things to think about. Retirement requires thorough planning and a lot of agreements between the couples. When the empty nest hit and the work are no longer the divider barrier, a lot of time in hands could be good or bad :-) -You tell me!

Interesting journey I say. I hope you really enjoy this visit of thinking about the retirement. Even though, retirement is still a distant away. But, having this thought in mind could ease the road of retirement.

What is your plan for your retirement?

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