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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Are you happy?

There is this individual that I used to work with and we came to know each other quite well.  Inevitable we shared a lot of our life philosophies, values as well as our parenting experiences with each other. Then the day came and for whatever reason might be, we are no longer part of the circle. –We are no longer in touch.  Funny thing was, I dreamt about this person last night and the one thing I remember vividly from my dream was, my question, “Are you happy?” – I found this very intriguing!

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Sometimes we know someone so well, we forgot to ask whether they are happy or not. We just assumed that they are happy either with us or simply happy. I love asking that question to my girls and sometimes to my youngest sister as well as close friends of mine. I don’t know why … maybe I just want them to be happy. Perhaps by asking that questions, I could hear more about what was the thing that bothered them at that moment …. Perhaps I could hear all of the glorifying stories that made them contented... Perhaps that question would trigger them to seek for the happiness in their lives.  Or perhaps is just my little way of showing that I care.

So, the question I am asking you today is “Are you happy?” 

Thank you for coming over to walk with me in this journey to visit happiness. I hope you are happy!
Until next stop,
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