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Monday, September 10, 2012

Quite a Distance Apart yet Similar Facts …

I was trying to put away some souvenirs that I purchased during our trip to Egypt –pyramids. Struggling to find some space from my crowded curio cabinet. I managed to locate one next to the pyramids that we bought from our trip to the Mexico  where –Aztez and Mayan civilizations once existed.

As you can imagine, Egypt and Mexico are thousands miles apart and in between they have Atlantic Ocean, but yet –lies some following amazing, and similar facts …

Sun God

Okay, there is one sun and regardless where you are  --though some myths revealed otherwise, still … The Egyptian built some temples to worship the sun god, in fact quite elaborate ones. They even believed that the pharaoh should take the sun god out on certain date and bathed the god before sending the god to the resting place for good night sleep. 

The Mayan civilizations believed in the sun god as well.  In fact, according to National Geographic, “In Maya culture the sun is closely associated with new beginnings and the sun god with kingship, Houston explained. So the presence of solar visages on a temple next to a royal tomb may signify that the person buried inside was the founder of a dynasty—El Zotz's first king.” -- Brown University archaeologist Stephen Houston, who announced the discovery of the new temple sometimes in July of 2012.

As we know, the Egyptians’ pyramids had long marked their fame around the world. When one murmurs the name of “Egypt,” pyramids come to mind. But, the Mayans also have their pyramids and yes, their pyramids were dedicated for the gods.  One of the the distinct differences between the Egyptian’s pyramid and the Mayans' ones is the Egyptian pyramids had pharaoh buried inside though later due to the number of looting, the burial had taken placed in the Valley of Kings instead --

Having said that, they did find one pyramid in Mexico with its burial –Great ruler, Pakal, of Palenque. He was buried inside the Pyramid of the Temple of Inscriptions.  It was quite a controversial compared to the rest of the pyramids found in Mexico.

When I heard that the Egyptians had long known the fact that in one year there are 365 days and a leap year in every four years and such. My mind traveled back to the time when I was in Mexico listening to the tour guide explaining how the Mayans had long known those facts. –How odd I thought but I was puzzled.

Now the question is, Are they related? How did two different civilizations from different era with quite a distance apart but yet shared some things in common.--Of course, there are many differences as well just like in any civilization.

Interesting isn’t it? I hope you enjoy visiting the Egyptian and Mayan civilizations. .

Until next stop,
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  1. Very interesting as always! I can just imagine all the lovely treasures you have in your curio cabinet from all over the world. I bet it is amazing.


    1. HI Kathy,
      Thank you and one of these days I would take a photo of my curio cabinet and make a post of out it :-)