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Monday, September 17, 2012

Living with the Dead …

Um… Just the thought of the cemetery can spook many of us if not all, how about having your very own home in the cemetery? 

In Egypt, it is very common practice from the olden days to build a cemetery that is so elaborate and looks like a house. It gave the convenience for the living to mourn during the funerals and ease the visiting time. 

However, due to current Egypt’s chronic housing crisis, some of the Egyptians were forced to move into Cairo’s City of the Dead –Cemeteries with living people above the surface and dead below.
In fact, they were about 5 Million people (recently updated number off the net) willingly or UN-willingly are occupying the cemetery as their very own home. Instead of playing out in the park or fields, the children are playing in between the tombs.

The family of the deceased seem to care less since they view the living occupants as people who accompanying the dead. Why not, I guess! The living conditions are not the best but manageable, they have running water, electricity and such with one caveats –enormous smell of the garbage piled up outside their door.

Let me take you on a journey into the City of the Dead thru this YouTube video that I found ...

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  1. Ahhhhhh! Not scared(OK scared a little)but it does not sound so good, but it does sound kind of adventurous.

    1. :-) It is huh but then I am not sure if I want to live there :-)--Visiting perhaps!

  2. I never realized the population there was outgrowing the housing etc. Very interesting. I am not sure I would be scared, but I know I would be creeped out. I felt sorry for the families.

    1. Yeah ... I know what you mean and I had a mixed bag of feeling when I was there.