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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tidbits about Taiwan

On our last stop to Taiwan. I would like to talk more about its weather, food, people and whatever that comes to my mind.

Do you know that the Taipei airport  offers free half day tour for tourist? Here is the link:

And if you are staying over nights, I would suggest to stay at the W-Taipei hotel. Its location is next to the MTR, which is very convenient for train rides and their service is outrageous!

Welcome gift is awaiting in your room ...
Summer is always hot and humid and depending on the timing, you maybe meet by typhoons. If you are not on the center of the typhoon, consider yourself lucky but still you can't escape the rains. I heard December is the best time to travel there.

Despite the hot and humid weather, Taiwan has a lot to offer especially if you are up for an adventurous. And their foods! They have quite a number of night markets and you would find a lot of snacks. All kinds, from mushrooms, seafood, soup, mango shave iced and more.

Places that I would recommend:
- Visiting the Night Markets (
- Taroko National Park (
- Sun Moon Lake (
- Watching Sun Rise at Mount Ali (
- Ximending shopping area, clothing here are really inexpensive and you can try them on as well. Eventhough this place is not the wholesale markets but their prices are not that far off. I also went to wufenpu, garment wholesale market, which literally 1000 shops selling all kind of garments. But the problem with that place is you can't try on which I found it a bit cumbersome.
- Taipei 101, high rise luxury shopping area. We didn't get to go to the top since it was cloudy on the day when were scheduled to go. Oh ... well :-)

- If you love dumplings, you must visit this place and they are de-li-ci-ous!

Just like when I was in Italy, I found Italians are very very heart-warning, same here in Taiwan. Taiwanese would go out of their ways to help you whenever you ask for it and they are very friendly. Our experiences throughout was nothing but fun. And we can't wait to go back for more delicious delicacies.

Until next stop,
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  1. I love dumplings too. I have missed stopping by and enjoying your travels. I will try to stop by more often. xo

    1. Thank you Sue. Indeed I have missed yours as well.

  2. Now I have a strong craving for dumplings. I'm already looking ahead to supper...

  3. Oooo dumplings! They look fabulous! Taiwan is now officially on my "must visit" list :)

  4. thanks for taking me on another trip!

  5. You had me at the pictures (and info) of food!

    And that night sky looks great!

  6. What a wonderful place to visit! I love all the food photos, so fun to see what people eat in other countries I think. I have always wanted to try dumplings but still have not gotten around to doing so. They look so tasty for some reason. :)

    Thank you for sharing!