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Thursday, December 13, 2012

But ...

A: "I know how you felt about that. At the same time, you need to take some responsibilities and perhaps you can change the way you ..."
B: "Yes. But ..."
A:"Maybe you can start by admitting the mistake you made then you can see what you can ..."
B:"Well ... but ..."
and ...
B: "But ... "

Can you visualize the above conversation even without knowing the whole conversation? Person A is trying hard to give a new perspective to B. All B did was nothing but counter argued. Sometimes in life, we need to tug away the word, "but," and attempt to see what's beyond. Perhaps then we can see what lies ahead.

There are times when we need to utter the word 'but,' and then there are times when we should just sit and listen. Perhaps then, we would be inspired. Perhaps then, we would be able to see what have hindered us from moving forward.

Having said that, have you ever found yourself giving many excuses despite repeatedly making the same mistakes. After awhile, they all became old news. I have seen this many times in my life. When I see someone that I care, sometimes can't help it but trying to enlighten them. Only after so many tries, I have come to realize that when the word 'but' got in the way, and despite our efforts, we were going nowhere with the conversations.

It is tough. It is even tougher if we block our minds with excuses. Often, I have told my girls, if they hide behind excuses, it would be hard for them to excel, to walk out from the situation they are in. In fact, the problem will always be there awaiting for them--for them to come out with another excuse.

Hope you enjoy this little visit on the word But ...

Until next stop,
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  1. WOW I have done this too many times and once I stopped I realized that I needed to take full responsibility and not make excuses. Also realized that the BUT is an obstacle in the healing process of relationships and our selves, it is a very limiting word.
    Thank you for sharing this. I am sharing it with my friends.

    1. Thank you for the confirmation and sharing with your friends. Really appreciate it.

  2. I try very hard not to because it becomes a repeated pattern of making the same mistakes. However, sometimes you don't realize that you have made that mistake twice until it is over and down with...

  3. So very true!! The word but is always followed by excuses.


    1. Yeah ...unfortunately. We, humans, have a hard time admitting the defeat ...

  4. Most definitely true.. unfortunately. I hate it when I find myself using this word followed up with a myriad of excuses... but you're right...sometimes the word really is necessary!

    Thanks for linking up!

    1. Sometimes we need it to help our inner-self to feel better and sometimes we need it for our defense.

  5. "But" is relied on too much, as are the excuses that spill forth from it...rather than us facing the truth head on, good or bad.

  6. 'but' can be the biggest hurdle for our growth..
    both personally and professionally..
    Nice post..
    beautifully chalked out..

  7. Very true. My dad would say to us as kids "No Buts!" That was our cue to stop making excuses right then and there. Yes, sometimes the word is needed, but really think before using it.