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Monday, July 2, 2012

I was once asked ...

I was once asked a question by a boy whose father smokes. He said, "My father asked, 'you will die, I will die. What difference will it be if I smoke or not?'"

Well what is the point of life? Yes. You will die and I will die. Everyone will die in the end. If you think of life in that way, then yes there is no difference whether or not your father dies. If life to your father is of such little value, then mind you, ask him why is he still living?

What is important is how you live and who or what you live for. Many people have dreams, dreams for the future, those dreams are the very anchors that people hold on to. Even in the hardest times, if you have a dream you can look ahead to that. You can hold on to that line, and one day the harder you pull, the harder you work, you can pull yourself there, to your dream. However, smoking will destroy dreams. Smoking will slowly snip away at that line that connects you to your dream. Dreams are so fragile things, yet they have the ability to motivate people. Protect your dreams, value your own life, that is why you should not smoke.

I have a question to ask you: Why be dependent on nicotine?

Many teenagers like to be independent from their parents, isn't smoking nothing but dependence on nicotine?

Independence. Independence is a word that provides such strong feeling. Countries fight, people die, for this very idea of being independent. If people care so much for independence, then to all of you who defend smoking, please value you own lives and your own dreams. Those who smoke are enslaved by the tobacco companies and enslaved by nicotine. Don't let tobacco take your dreams away. Together, as a world, we can stop smoking.

Disclaimer: Written by a teenager girl whose personal goal is to educate teenagers and children all over the world on the harm of smoking and second hands smoking. Please support her by clicking on her fan page and 'Like' it!

and here is her website:  and what she has to say:

"Smoking is a major issue prevalent around the world, but the magnitude is much greater in Indonesia, the home of the smoking baby and the "heavenly smoke", which as been claimed to cure sicknesses and diseases. Such a major problem resides in the very heart of Indonesia, for it has long lodged in the culture. To make a change as large as this, I plan to start with the children, the next generation of the Indonesian people. As an American I am fortunate enough to have access to many resources and to have been educated about smoking. I want to bring what I have to the people of Indonesia, I hope that by raising awareness in different places, I can make a difference. Last summer, August 2011, I traveled to Malang and Jakarta, Indonesia and visited four schools.This was the summer in which I gave my presentation on the dangers of smoking and secondhand smoke to over 2,000 teenagers and adults. I am glad that it was well received and I will continue to give my presentation in order to reach out to more children and teenagers in Indonesia. "


  1. This touched me. My late hubby smoked as a teen thru his twenties. He stopped, but the damage was done. He got esphogeal cancer at age 54 and passed at 56. After watching him suffer and how horrible cancer is, I wish people would know that even if they "quit" it can come back to haunt you later on. Not being able to eat, or drink was torture. If your post makes one person stop and not smoke, it is a great service you did.

    1. Thank you so much Winnie for your encouragement. And I am so sorry for your lost. I would certainly pass this message back to my girl.

  2. Both of my parents smoked. I wish they hadn't because they both died young, my mother at 51 of cancer and my dad at 65 of a stroke. I wish they had never smoked a day. I never took up the habit. If they hadn't I wonder if they would still be here. Wonderfully written. I hope this post helps others to stop before it is too late. It really isn't worth it!


    1. Kathy, I am so sorry for your lost but glad that you don't smoke.
      Thank you for your comment and it would be a good testimonial comment for my girl's project.