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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Voyage of Glaciers with Princess cruise line

Voyage to Alaska was our first family cruise (second to both of us) and it was definitely one of the most fabulous cruises that we have so far. The Alaska beauty is definitely unrivaled! The glacier was so peaceful and pleasing to the eyes as we couldn't stop staring at them. We had a great time strolling along the streets in Juneau and my husband bought me a $1000 coat which made from fox tail! A fine piece, indeed!. Visiting the rain-deer, and feeding them were definitely an unforgettable experience for our family. Riding on the Iditarod race dogs was a dream came true.  Did I mention that we spotted a black bear? --The Park ranger had to chase all of us away since the black bear was approaching, and it was a lifetime experience!

Here are our port of calls:

Vancouver, British Columbia

We arrived Vancouver from Calgary to visit childhood friends of ours and they welcomed us with their open arms and let us stay at their fabulous home. Then they took us to visit the Stanley Park, and Vancouver lookout. We were fed with yummy Cambodian food (I want it now :-)) and home cooked meals which were heavenly good!

Stanley Park

Stanley Park is a 404.9 hectare urban park bordering downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It was opened in 1888 by David Oppenheimer in the name of Lord Stanley of Preston, the Governor-General of Canada --Wikipedia
 Vancouver Lookout

Offers 360-degree views of the harbour, mountains and downtown.

 China Town

A visit to Vancouver would not be complete without a visit to the Victoria Island.

Of course, Burtchart Garden is a must visit in Victoria Island

Vancouver was where our voyage to the Glaciers started, and time for a farewell with our beloved friends who managed to get us to the port in no time as I wrongly remembered the time. And we almost didn't make it if it wasn't for our friend's utmost help. Alaska, here we come!

Ketchikan, Alaska

I won't  be talking about the cruise experience itself, if you want to know more, please refer to my previous post on Why cruise line matter Instead, I am taking you all straight to the excursion that we took :-) --Rainforest Wildlife Sanctuary Nature Walk. The main attraction is feeding the reindeer!

Juneau, Alaska

I love Juneau! Why?! My coat, of course :-)

We also joined the Dog-Sled Summer Camp to experience riding on a dog-sled. I must say, it was too short of a ride but definitely fun one!

Skagway, Alaska

During our stop here, we decided to hop on an excursion to visit the Yukon and the suspension bridge. 

And the bonus visit

Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska (Scenic Cruising)

 College Fjord, Alaska (Scenic Cruising)

 And here is one of my favorite photos of the day ...

Hope you enjoy this little getaway and have a nice weekend!

Until next stop,
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  1. Now, this is my dream vacation! My baby sister went twice on this cruise and once took my mom..My hubby can't get past the idea of "cool".. The views and beauty is amazing...I love your pictures..

    1. Thank you Winnie and hope you would convince your hubby someday. Take care,

  2. We keep thinking about doing this? Not sure if I can handle a cruise and so many of our friends have said it is just awesome!

  3. Beautiful. Our first cruise was to Alaska for our 25th wedding anniversary. We leave for the Voyage of the Vikings which is a 35 day cruise next week - Hope you will come and see our blog about our trip

    1. Thirty five days! Wow ... you have to tell us all about it when you are back.

  4. what amazing pictures. Love them all (but I have a mad crush on that coat of yours)

    1. LOL ... I must say that was one of my favorite coat! :-) Thanks for the visit, Hilary!

  5. Fabulous pictures and trip!

    And congrats on your blog award!

    1. Thanks for your visit and information. Will go there asap :-)