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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Eraser …

As I picked up an eraser the other night and examined it. I couldn’t help it and my memory traveled back to the times when I was much younger. Writing was so much fun using my favorite pencil. And I could write and write without worrying about the mistakes that I would make. Why? I had an eraser that would just erase pretty much anything that I wrote. The best of all, it didn’t leave much mark behind. Well, depending on how hard my strokes were. Then the whole thing became a bit complicated when I had to use pens. I love pens, especially those inky pen where you need to refill the ink and my! My handwriting was just much more beautiful with those pens. With one caveat, once those inks were on the paper, they were there permanently unless you use wipe-out—and wipe-out leaves some mark behind.

Our lives are like those papers that were written either in pencils or pens.. Some memories that were imprinted on our lives were as light as the pencil marks. When the time come, they were just as easy to be erased using our ‘memory eraser’ and pretty much left with nothing. However, some memories were engraved quite deep as if they were written using those inky pens. Even if we found some ‘memory-wipe-out,’ they would leave behind some marks and each time when we look at the mark, we were reminded that there were once where the deep memories lied.

Unfortunately like the papers, our lives are pretty subject to the writers. But, as a writer, we can choose wisely on what to write on the paper and perhaps we can choose wisely what memory to write in our lives. Now the question is, what are you thinking to write next time?

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  1. Wonderful! Beautifully co-related two different entities! Well done!

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    1. Thank you Melanie and I will visit your blog now.