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Monday, May 14, 2012

Nature walk ...

Time flies ... She decided to show up in my tummy one day and then presented herself as a gift on Mother's Day. Can you imagine the feeling that I had on that day? --A gift was sent to me on the day that I was 'born' as her mother! As she celebrated her birthday, it was mine too. I have always had a soft spot with her. Not sure because she is the youngest, or the fact that she is my Mother's Day gift, or perhaps the way she is... --cuddly, innocent, more like little stuffed human.

Each year for her BD, I have searched far and beyond on what things that would be fun for her. See, if my memory served me well ...We did parrot show, gymboree, Invited Sleeping Beauty, Ariel, Snow White, Art-and Craft @ local art place, Horse riding, and series of in house custom parties with sleep-over. But the best was this time where we took the girls for the treasure hunt at the local open-space park. --Nature hunt.

Speaking of Nature, our family loves walking in the nature. Ever since our girls were young, we often take a walk nearby our neighborhood as we are lucky that our neighborhood still feel like the woods. We can still spot many deers especially during spring time where the fawns are wondering around with their mother. Occasionally we would sight some bucks as well. Or we would stray a few miles further where we could see some people are fishing at the reservoir. The trail nearby the reservoir and its park are quite a walk as it provided cooler feeling with its creek.

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In fact according to researchers that connecting with nature inducing both healthier mind and body. They also believe that getting in touch with nature will rejuvenate children's brains preparing them to be ready for the next challenge. When they are out in the nature, all the senses get triggered. They are involved in something grander then themselves. Nowadays between iPhone, iPad and computer screen, the kids have seemed to lost their senses.

Hope you enjoy this little visit with nature walk along with my girl's BD and be inspired to do your own nature walk with your children. According to Richard Louv, author of Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder, urges us to take a second look at getting our kids in touch with nature. 

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Have you walked in the nature lately?
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  1. I walked on the boardwalk on Sunday, does that count

    1. Definitely :-) Boardwalk is next to the ocean ... as nature as it can be! :-)

  2. I enjoyed your post. We did planting in the garden (herb and tomatoes and peppers..). I think it is important to get outside and way from all "media" for a time. Nature has a lot to teach us and for us to enjoy.

    1. Yes. I agree with you. Sometimes we look far and beyond to walk on nature and you just reminded me that our own garden is yet another nature to explore ... Thank you!