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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What is Your Face Book ID?

It was not long ago, we would give out our home phone numbers. Then after the internet booming, our emails were flooded with new acquaintances. About 10 years ago perhaps? The cell phones started to become popular in the States. Ironically, nowadays ... no one ever calls our home numbers except those telemarketers ...

One Saturday, I took my girl to take the AP exam prep test and she found couple new friends. After we left, I have asked her whether she had gotten their emails or cell phone numbers. She said nope. I questioned her how she was going to keep in touch with them since she mentioned  that she really enjoyed chatting with them. She said, "I've gotten their FB IDs." -- I was speechless!

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It had never occurred to me to ask someone their Face Book names. To me, cell phone and emails are still my primary contact information. But definitely not my girl's generation. Facebook IDs. I still couldn't get over it! --Totally cool!

Though, there is a downside to this new contact information. Potentially, there could be some people with the same Face Book names. And some of them would have their profile photos other than themselves which make them impossible to locate. I was wondering if Facebook would come up with a solution if they want to be THE contact information for the next generation.

Have you found yourself asking your newly found friend, What is your Face Book ID? 

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  1. I have asked people if they are on facebook - as it is a quick easy way to communicate. But, I have to admit, I am losing patience with Facebook and going on it less and less....

    1. Cool! I still feel FB is a bit private for me to share with just anyone unless I know them personally ...
      Why are you losing patience with FB?

    2. I think it is just a lack of time... It just started taking up too much time - and I am short on time already so it almost became chore. it is funny, I love my feeling beachie page and update that, but am losing my umph for my personal page. I guess I realized that many of my FB friends (those from HS) I would have no desire to keep up with in real life, so why am I interested in every detail of their life?

    3. So true! I suspect your interest with 'feeling beachie page,' is every bit to do with your passion with writing ...

  2. I couldn't do it. I'm not big on having strangers on my FB page, but maybe it's a difference in generations all together? Maybe us from the days of pagers and analog phones are a wee bit more private?

    1. I would think so :-) Having my photo out in public was a HUGE step for me :-)