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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My Unusual Date --Take 2!

Sitting literally 20 feet away --perhaps closer-- from Kobe Bryant and eating nachos--yes, the nachos that I have missed on my previous My Unusual Date and drinking lemonade away seemed a bit odd to me. But, hey! A date is a date, especially it comprised of food, drink and two of us. Right?! Who cares that we shared our date with others-- ten thousands warm bodies whose eyes were fixed at one place only--and perhaps on one person...

Kobe--waiting to do his free throw

"Do you want to go on a date with me?" He asked
"Sure. Where are we going?" I asked while busily typing away at my computer.
"Basketball." He said-purposely without much explanation, perhaps annoyed with my half attention.
"Oh ... Are we going to hit the court?" I said innocently.
He laughed--happy that he got my full attention now--and continued, "To see Kobe Bryant."
"Of course!" I nodded with smile.
"I got the ticket that is slightly better than last time --one row closer. And Kobe is playing."
"Seriously?! Cool!" I shouted excitingly
I have never seen Kobe in action, BTW.

We arrived about an hour earlier and found ourselves getting in line to get the nachos, hot dog and lemonade. I kept looking at the nachos and wanting to chow down right there but decided against it. We found our seats and the court looked incredibly close in proximity. And I told my husband that I wanted to catch the glimpse of Kobe in my camera before he arrived at the court. Just when I was about to walk away, he asked me, "Do you know which one is Kobe Bryant?
I paused and all of the sudden, I couldn't visualize his image in my mind. Oh gosh, do I ? I frantically searching for his image which seemed to be buried within my complex mind. And my iPhone5 came to rescue and my answered to him --Of course dear! The truth is, I barely paid attention to basketball ever since my girls have arrived--they have pretty much occupied my life --literally. Kobe Bryant? Nay!

Caught Kobe in my camera from my seat after half time

The game started out pretty slow--well, at least, for us, the Lakers' fan. Lakers' defense was not at their best aka lousy and Warriors?  They rocked! Their shooters were so accurate--each shot ended in their basket--bringing more points to the Warriors. And soon, the points difference was in two digits closer to 20 points apart. In the last half, as if, Kobe was awaken from his dream, he finally rose to action and this was when the audiences started to feel the intense of the game. Kobe with his move and each time we could hear the microphone echoing, "Two points for the Lakers!" Just when the Lakers' fans had their hopes up, Warriors' shooters brought in more balls into their basket  and the rest of Lakers' attempt to score were pretty much void. At the end, Lakers had no choice but to limp out with 109-103 loss that could have been much worse thank to the last 3.5 minutes where Warriors went without a basket giving the Lakers the chance to bring the gap closer.

That night, Lakers went home defeated, so were their fans. As for me, it was indeed another adventure in My Unusual Dates.

Until next date,
Journey of Life


  1. What a fun date night! i had to smile about you mentioning not being able to follow b-ball since the girls arrived. I used to go to all the NY Liberty (WNBA) weekend games at Madison Square Garden, but that was when I was single. Hubby and I went on an early date to one game when he knew I loved them. But time, and other things pop up and haven't been to a game in years. hmmmm.. Thanks for that reminder, I need to go! I also need to take hubby to Citifield to see the Mets this year (I have been with my brother a few times, but he hasn't!) Fun date idea!

  2. I would've liked to have gone there for a date! I nominated you for a blog award. If you'd like to pick it up, you can find it at my blog, Mama Diaries.

  3. Watching it on the telly and watching it live is something different.