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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Traveling with Technology ...

Today's host Kate Benzin of Traveling Forever has a great prompt for us: How Technology Makes Travel Easier Today. 

The wonder world of "Free Wifi" around the airports and hotels have definitely changed the way we travel. We started to travel abroad with our children 9 years ago and the good old in-flight TV has definitely saved a lot of agony that we would have gone thru without it. Tho, I have to supplement with many 'just-in-time toys' that were wrapped nicely when the word "boring" was uttered --some of our longest, nonstop flight can last fourteen hours long.  Now with iPad, their choices of movies have just increased in many folds.

Normally, I don't call people during vacation unless it is part of making the travel arrangement or having someone to pick us up from airport. In some countries, it is safer than taking taxi. However, this changed on our last trip.  As I mentioned in my last blog on Are You in Complete Charge of Your Life that I wanted to carve out sometime in my days to communicate with my mom and MIL, so Skype was my answer. Plus I needed to contact few people who were trying to make our last minute travel arrangement and some schools where my daughter can give her speech about Harm and Danger of Smoking

Having said that, Skype will not be possible without the wonderful WiFi. What made it even more attractive was that most airport nowadays are equipped with free WiFi as well as some of hotel rooms (some, for a nominal fee.) Of course laptop was in the picture! In our last travel, two laptops were part of our luggage. I wonder if the technology has caused us to travel heavy instead of light:-) ---Yes, we needed those laptops!

Definitely,  with a laptop and WiFi as well as Skype, I can pretty much access any information, any person, any place without having to leave the premise(s.) Where I get into trouble is when WiFi is missing in the equation, there I need a cell phone. I understand that I can bring my old cell phone and have it 'open' with an access code from my provider. And SIM card can be obtained at any convenience location in any country. 

However, what I am waiting to happen is the collaboration of the phone companies from all of the world, to have seamless switchover to local network for affordable price. That is the day I am waiting to happen so I can say good bye to roaming fee.

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  1. Skype is a great tool to keep in contact with distant friends. I remember the days of travelling and ensuring I knew where the nearest internet cafe was in the area. Times have really changed.

  2. Roaming can be scary, that is for sure. Except for that technology and travel go hand in hand these days.


  3. I love Skype. I wasn't so sure at first, but with my daughter in Scotland for a semester, it is a lifeline many times over.

    Sounds like you do some incredible traveling!!

  4. Wasn't there a talk of removing the roaming charges for good? Those would be the days!

  5. I agree about Skype. It's the best. I love being able to keep in touch with so many friends all over the world.

    Thanks, Kate at

  6. I love skype-- And I love that you can go just about anywhere now and pick up WiFi.

    Great post!! Jenn.