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Thursday, March 14, 2013

How He Instilled the Fear in Me ...

Playa Punta Popy –Samana, Dominique Republic is the beach that will be engraved in my heart for many years to come. Why, you ask. It is a beautiful beach which doesn’t rival Magens Bay at San Thomas, but still—is unforgettable one


“Do we really need to bring my iPhone5 with us?” I asked reluctantly as I really thought it was pointless.
“Yeah. Just in case …” My husband answered in his cheerful voice.
“But, we don’t have signal anyway.” Still being persistent—Me and persistent.
“That is okay just bring it, please.” He insisted.

The sun ray was beaming in the sky as we stood in line to board on the transfer boat. We carried some of the change clothes as well as the towels. .I stuffed in my blue wallet along with my iPhone in my beach bag. I didn’t carry much on that day, some cash, one credit card, my ID as well as cruise cards. As the security officer was done authenticating us with their systems, my husband took his card and say, “Let me carry my own card,” and I managed to slip the rest back into my wallet.

As soon as we arrived at the harbor, we were met by the people from the Minister of Tourism. “There is no public beach nearby that is decent,” said one of the guy, “but, you can grab a taxi and head to Playa Punta Popy.” He continued. As I asked my next question away, another set of family within the ear shot decided to join in the conversation. Once The head of that family finished asking his question, he turned to me and asked, “do you want to join us so we can share the cost?”
“Sure.” Without a doubt, I answered spontaneously—after all, they are from our cruise ship .

Turned out that the family is originated from Long Island and they are so amicable. Their girl and ours hit it off just like that. And us, the adults, have a lot of laugh. It took us about an hour from the harbor, Santa Bárbara de Samaná to reach Playa Punta Popy –Samana. as soon as we arrived, the girls plunged into the crystal clear water while my husband and I decided to stroll along the beach. Before I left, I wanted to bring my beach bag but then I decided against it. Instead, I was carrying my blue wallet in my hand and I stuffed in my iPhone inside the wallet.

I always enjoy time alone with my husband. And the best of all, I secretly cheered inside my heart as I would be his sole model of the day. Photos after photos and we kept on going. 

Along the road, my heart was uneasy. In fact, it was troubled for couple days and I told my husband that I was not sure why but I felt like something weird was going to happen. I worried about my mom. I wondered if she was okay. Last time, when I had this weird feeling, she was found unconscious in some foreign country.  Still, couldn’t shake the bad thought out of mind, I gestured my husband to go back, when he was wondering if we should continue walking or head back to where the girls and the family were.

As we walked back and somewhere along the path, I felt my hand was grabbed tightly. Feeling strange and thinking it was my husband, I turned around. Things happened so fast, and before I knew, my blue wallet that I had it in my right hand was snatched by this teenage boy. He ran to his accomplice, who was waiting in the motor cycle, and off they went. My husband ran after them, after I shouted, “Cruise cards!!!” Of course, it was way too late. The only regret I had was my brand new iPhone5 and my ID. There rests are merely unimportant … and more importantly we were untouched. However, down deep in my heart and little did I know that the teenage boy has left something behind... something that took me by surprise...


As Julius Caesar once said,
 “No one is so brave that he is not disturbed by something unexpected.”

“Are you okay,” asked my husband.
“Yeah …”Still clasping my handbag very close to my body.
“Are you sure?” he insisted.
“Somewhat. I thought I was pretty brave, but somehow that experience, that teenage boy has instilled something in me—the fear.”
He hugged me and held my hands as we walked in to the restaurant, celebrating my birthday that was postponed from last year.

Until next time,
Journey of LIfe


  1. How terrifying. Glad you were ok. So sorry that happened to you.


  2. Haven't seen much of you for a while! What a scary and disillusioning experience! I'm eager to read the conclusion!

    1. Thank you Lorinda. I never did get my stuff back but good news is I am more vigilant now.

  3. Ohmigawsh. This sounds so frightening. It sounds like your husband is a doll, taking it so easily, too....

    I'm glad in the long run everything is ok.

    Glad I found you today via NaBloPoMo

  4. What a scary experience! I'm glad that you were not harmed. Although it totally sucks that you lost your iPhone and cruise cards. How did the cruise line deal with it? Also, wow at your intuition.

    1. The cruise line didn't care much and afterward I found out that it was not a new news to the cruise line that the place is not safe at all.

  5. Oh, my! What a story. I am so sorry you had that experience. Well, a wallet can be replaced, but you couldn't be! What a bummer. I hope you were able to salvation time alone with your husband and hae fun. :/

    1. Thank you and you are absolutely correct. Yes. we did have fun!