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Monday, August 13, 2012

Our first stop -- Doing something we truly enjoy

I hope I find you all well and it has been sometime since our last ride. Before hand, I would like to extend my gratitude for those of you who had been visiting my blog while I was taking the break. Thank you for keeping the seats warm while the train was off. .

Now, has it been a moon away since I was gone? Nevertheless, I am so exciting to be back! BTW., have you seen the train?Does it look different?

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Yes? You said, it looks the same? :-) --It does, huh! Wait, let me check. Aha! Its engine is well rested and in fact, it is ready to board its passengers. Have you heard its whistle? What are you waiting for? C'mon in and grab a seat and let's have a ride! And ...

guess what?! Recently, I was conversing with my younger brother who is attending an executive MBA program at one of the most prestigious Universities. He mentioned to us that some of the courses/seminars that he took were quite interesting. In fact they weren't anything to do with academic but something to do with finding who you are, what would you like to do --something that you truly enjoy and perhaps be thriving for --interesting...

A lot of us can't truly grasp this philosophy simply we are bound to do what the path has set for us or the path that we chose since day one. We are doing it day to day and somehow --the things we used to like to do have become things we must do.Somehow it has lost its meaning.. somehow it has lost its charm.

Coincidentally, the other night, we went out for a dinner and before we headed home, we stopped by at a gas station. All of the sudden my girls decided they wanted to clean our car's windows. So off the two and they did with much enthusiasm, much excitement and our car's windows were sparkling clean. One of the customers walked back to his car with his widest smile looking at my girls' excitement. He probably never seen any one that was that excited cleaning their car.

The question is, why were my girls so excited? Would they be that excited if cleaning the car windows become part of the responsibilities? --not sure ... perhaps yes... perhaps no.

But, I do know one thing, what my brother said and what my girls reminded me one simply thing in life --that, we need to enjoy what we are doing to truly be happy. If something that we do have become a drag --perhaps, it is time to ask ourselves and --perhaps, it is time to take the courage to change.

Hope you enjoy this first stop visiting "Doing something we truly enjoy!"

Until next stop,

Journey of Life


  1. nice I would not enjoy washing the windows if it became a chore. btw

  2. So true. For our professions, it is vital to do work what interests us. As a Reiki practitioner, I try for finding a positive if not joy in every task I undertake.

  3. I am so glad you are back. I hope you got a rest and some quality time with the family etc. Your daughters sound delightful (sure wish they would wash my car windows..ha ha ha..hate that job!). Seriously, doing what we love is a blessing. I love my crafting and enjoy it most times, but every once in awhile I am asked to make something for someone that doesn't sit well with me. Lately, I am finding the courage to say NO more often. It is hard for me. Glad to be back on your journey with you.

    1. Thank you Winnie! Let me see if I can ship them to you to do your car windows :-)

      It takes a lot of courage to say NO and I am glad you did. Way to go!