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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Relationship Knot …

Months ago, we went to see an exhibit of Britain in Victorian days and at one of the stop, my girls were shown on how to tie a knot on a rope. There are many ways to tie a knot. Some ways turn out to be beautiful and some-- practical. Some knots can be sturdy and some can be loose --depending on how we tie them.

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Just like the knot that we tie on a rope, in a relationship, we often end up tying a knot together by walking down the aisle. If we look back and think how we tie our knot have everything to do with how we may end up today. Some knots were tied in such a rush and over time, they get looser and looser. Some knots were tied in such caution and they last-for some time, perhaps forever at the least until their last breaths. Just like the rope, some relationships that were tied without much given time, eventually will come loose. But, that doesn’t mean that they can’t be fixed. All it take are constant check points and perhaps time to tighten them or perhaps re-tying them.

Even those ropes that were tied strongly and perhaps with much needed time, if they are not taken care of, would eventually dried up and perhaps break apart when time come. Just like in a relationship, those knots that we tied strong, still need constant care and perhaps re-check point to ensure that we can withstand whatever come to our ways.Only then, 'till death do us apart will truly stand.

I hope you enjoy this little piece of my writing-- visiting the relationship knot.

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  1. I never thought about the expression 'tying the knot' before, but this was a great essay!

    Glad I came over from the FB Writers Post and got a chance to read it!

    Elizabeth (Libby)

    1. Thank you for your visit Elizabeth! Really glad you came and dropped me a line.

  2. it is funny, I never understood the expression tying the knot until know!